The Chairman @OPstew spent the summer of 2021 happily sweeping the floors of the NFT marketplace. All was good in the metaverse until the meme coins took over demanding all the gas.

The great gas wars started, and the chairman picked up his tools and went to fight alongside the other collectors. He saw many good collections fall and lost some of his closest companions.

On his return he vowed to do all he could to stop the destruction and to be an ally to as many good projects as he could. This is a momentous effort that will require building a team of dedicated Crew Members.

The team is taking shape and he has recruited some help from @scarlett and @TFSC.Alex to ensure that the Crew Members have all they need to take on this task.

Being a kind and generous boss, the Chairman is well known for rewarding and promoting his best and most loyal Crew Members. He is on the lookout for 10,000 new Crew Members to join the team and is taking new applications until the end of the year to start the sweeping in January 2022.

As 2021 ends and we enter a new dawn in the metaverse are you willing to join the Crew and make your own history.

Why should I become a Crew Member



A team of


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Tn - The_Bot

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We are 10,000 randomly generated Crew Members on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our Chairman @OPStew is putting together a crew with the help of @Scarlett Head of HR & Social Responsibility and @Floorsweep.Alex Head of Logistics and Catering


A total.


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